Are your nurses locals?

Yes, all our nurses are Singaporean or PR and have past working experience in the hospital. All our nurses are also licensed under Singapore Nursing Board (SNB).

Do you provide live-in nurses?

We do not provide live-in nurses who stay in with patient and family. However, families have the option to engage 2 nurses in rotation for 24 hours i.e.Morning Shift 8am-8pm & Night Shift 8pm-8am.

How long in advance should I inform Wellnurse agency if I wish to engage your service?

Ideally, at least 24 hours in advance.

It’s an emergency, I need a nurse now. Are you able to send one now?

While it is possible and we do have incidents whereby we are able to send nurse in 2 hours, we cannot guarantee immediate availability. Ideally, we would need at least 1 day in advance.

Is there a minimum hours of care service required?

Typically our standard hours of care are in blocks of 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours. We can arrange for less than 4 hours service in unique cases if that is what you need. Feel free to call 88167659 for assistance.

I prefer to have a regular nurse to take care of my loved one, can that be arranged?

Yes that can be arranged. We will just need the family to inform us when they would like the nurse to commence the care service as early as possible to help us facilitate a smooth arrangement.

What is the difference between Wellnurse Home Care Nursing Agency and other agencies?

Wellnurse Home Care Nursing Agency is owned & operated by a team of local nurses who holds a valid nursing license in Singapore. We are experienced in acute hospital and understands different families’ and patients’ medical need. Thus we can offer advice on the type/duration of care. Our team also do home visits when needed.

I need help, something is amiss with my loved one and I'm not sure what it is. Can you help?

While our care consultant follows up with the patient’s condition with the assigned nurse on a daily basis, client can call us anytime if you need any assistance. We are always here and will gladly do our best to help you with your problems.

Is your hotline 24 hours in operation?

Yes, our hotline is operational 24/7. We are always on standby for our clients.